July 26, 2008

The following cameras were taken: a JVC HDD GZ-MG155 ($700), a Sony Handycam DCR-HC28 ($300), and a JVC HDD GZ-HD3 ($850).  

On July 26, We Are Change members Sabrina Rivera and Luke Rudkowski reported the theft of three video cameras from a car in New York. “The only missing property inside the car was three WeAreCHANGE cameras with important video footage,” writes Rudkowski on the We Are Change website. “It is important to note that I myself was receiving harassing phone calls for the past 24 hours prior to the robbery.” The incident occurred following a We Are Change meeting.

“Along with extended batteries and charges the totally amount of equipment stolen was around $2,000 dollars not including the damages to the car and important video footage yet to be publicly released,” Rudkowski adds. “The same situation occurred couple weeks ago to our WeAreCHANGE UK chapter when there video cameras, hard drives and original tapes and copies of Elephant In The Room were stolen.” The Elephant in the Room is an award-winning documentary examining the impact of 9/11 on British and American culture.

Luke Rudkowski believes the incident is related to a public We Are Change meeting held prior to the theft. “The police have notified us that the person who committed the crime must have watched all of our moves before breaking into the car and stealing the cameras,” he writes.

Since the release of Alex Jones’ 9/11 Chronicles; Truth Rising and The Elephant in the Room in the United Kingdom, harassment of 9/11 truth activists has increased, culminating in threats issued by the Secret Service against Anthony Jasa of Minnesota We Are Change and GCN radio network owner Ted Anderson earlier this week (see SS Dispatched to Intimidate GCN, MN We Are Change). Other incidents include the assault of We Are Change activists by police in Louisville, Kentucky, provocateur attacks in New York, Change members arrested for handing out DVDs in Colorado, the arrest of Matt Lepacek for questioning a Giuliani adviser, the arrest and false of charge of assault against Gary Talis for allegedly attacking a girl in a wheelchair at a Laura Bush event, Secret Service harassment of Change activists in Georgia (developing), and other incidents.

If anyone has any information about the theft please contact [email protected] immediately.

Addendum: Luke Rudkowski indicates that the cameras and videotapes were the primary target of the theft because a $4,000 Macbook Pro and a $300 GPS device were also in the car and not stolen.

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