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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Internet ads

A national media campaign launched this week warns that following global warming policies would "spell economic disaster" in the United States and "would mean misery, starvation and death on a massive scale" for people in less developed countries.

During a conference to promote its TV and Internet ad blitz, Sam Kazman of the Competitive Enterprise Institute cautioned that, "Global warming activists warn us about the alleged threats from global warming, but are usually silent about the much more immediate threats from global warming policies."

The warning comes in the same week that a Carnegie Institution proposal urged carbon emissions to be reduced to near zero or absolute zero "within decades" to prevent water sources drying up due to global warming.

If such measures were followed, man would be returned to the stone age at best and humanity would suffer devastating consequences. Global transport of any kind would cease, manufacturing and production would be a thing of the past, the global economy would crumble, communications would go dark as computer networks and the Internet are abolished. Millions would freeze to death as a result of not being able to heat their homes.

The CEI group is also highlighting Al Gore’s energy use as an example to underscore the fact that most climate change alarmists are complete hypocrites who lecture everyone else on how they should change their lifestyle while ignoring their own message and using global warming fearmongering as a self-serving ego trip for adulation and notoriety.

Former vice-president Gore is the messiah for the climate change fanatics and his error-strewn polemic An Inconvenient Truth is seen as the bedrock of the man-made global warming position.

As the The Tennessee Center for Policy Research exposed last year, Gore’s 20 room private mansion uses 20 times the national U.S. average of gas and electricity. Gore lavishes himself in his heated swimming pool while poor people and the middle class await the onslaught of carbon taxes to eviscerate any disposable income they have left.

According to the Washington Times, "The TV ad premiered at a press conference at the National Press Club and will run in markets around the country over the next two weeks, including Boston, Phoenix, Orlando and Pittsburgh. The ad began running today in the D.C. market during news programs on CNN, CNBC and Fox News Channel."

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