Kurt Nimmo
April 18, 2008

According to the New York Times, the Canadian government is “ready to declare as toxic a chemical widely used in plastics for baby bottles, beverage and food containers as well as linings in food cans.”

The chemical is called bisphenol-a, or B.P.A., and is classified as a hormone disruptor. Studies have linked low-dose B.P.A. exposure with permanent changes to the genital tract, increased prostate weight, a decline in testosterone, creating breast cells predisposed to cancer, prostate cells more sensitive to hormones and cancer, and hyperactivity. Moreover, when ingested B.P.A. mimics the effects of estrogen.

“Repeated exposure to either bisphenol-A or the natural estrogen over several days produced insulin resistance, a pre-diabetic state in which tissues lose their sensitivity to normal concentrations of insulin,” reports Ben Harder for Science News Online. “Animal studies have suggested that exposure to the chemical early in life causes obesity” and “might contribute to gestational diabetes in women.”

Tom Mosakowski, writing for Natural News, adds that the “damaging effects of the chemical include impairment and unnatural changes to sex organs and their functions, increased tumor formation, hyperactivity, neurotoxin effects, and signs of early puberty.” A cursory glance at headlines reveal that cancer, obesity, diabetes, and hyperactivity are rampant and on the increase, thanks mostly to B.P.A. in canned foods, baby bottles, water pipes, dental sealants, plastic water and soda containers and plastic wrap, etc.

“The National Toxicology Program, part of the National Institutes of Health, concluded that there was ‘some concern’ that fetuses, babies and children were in danger because bisphenol A, or BPA, harmed animals at low levels found in nearly all human bodies,” writes Marla Cone of the Los Angeles Times. “An ingredient of polycarbonate plastic, BPA is one of the most widely used synthetic chemicals in industry today. It can seep from hard plastic beverage containers such as baby bottles, as well as from liners in cans containing food and infant formula.”

Other studies indicate very “low doses of BPA completely inhibited the activity of estrogen. Because estrogen normally increases the growth and regulates viability of developing neurons… these results support the idea that BPA may harm developing brain cells,” according to Scott Belcher of the University of Cincinnati. In short, B.P.A. is a complimentary cocktail for the dumbing down process, now well underway.

In EU dominated Europe, the level of B.P.A. is apparently not high enough. The EU recently increased the level of exposure it considers safe for human health, or maybe that should be effective for dumbing down the commoners and increasing cancer, early puberty, obesity and diabetes, as mandated by our eugenics obsessed rulers. In fact, if a study conducted by the Yale School of Medicine is any indication, synthetic estrogens in plastic may be a near perfect eugenics tool, as “widely-used plastics have a detrimental effect on a developing fetus [and] cause fertility problems.”

Jack Bend, a professor of pathology at the University of Western Ontario in London and one of the Canadian government’s outside scientific advisers, told the New York Times B.P.A. “may prove to cause damage in much the same way as early exposure to mercury.”

But then we are told mercury is safe, even healthy for children. If synthetic estrogens are in our food and drink — including baby bottles — maybe our rulers can phase out destructive vaccines, especially now that increasing numbers of people are learning about the link between autism and mercury-laden vaccinations.

However, this surreptitious poisoning may be tough if Health Canada has a say. Meanwhile, in the United States, the Department of Health and Human Services’ National Toxicology Program has “endorsed a scientific panel’s finding that there was ‘some concern’ about neural and behavioral changes in humans who consume B.P.A.,” that is to say just about everybody.

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