The Sun News Network based in Canada has made a big decision following the massive manhunt for a man who killed three Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The network wrote after covering the story, the “Sun News Network will not report the name of the killer” and “will not show his photo.”

The importance of the decision comes from what the network believes to be one of the main problems surrounding the mass killings that people are seeing around the world. Simply put: it’s the media’s fault. Sun News Network declaimed:

When it comes to mass murderers, too often, it is attention and infamy they crave. Luckily, shootings of this nature are rare in Canada.

Criticizing the U.S., the network pointed out that even though mass shootings are less than 1% of gun-related crimes, the “rare” instances” have become a spectacle because of the rise of social media and the ability to have media wherever you go, be it a laptop, tablet, or phone. The network added that following the Sandy Hook massacre, law enforcement discovered that the killer kept a “score sheet” of previous mass shootings.

With continuous coverage from multiple angles and the vast array of speculation about a shooter, Sun News wants to know if the media is planting the seeds in the heads of  killers.“Networks care about ratings,” the Sun writes.  The network adds a simple point:

Mental illness, gun control, warning signs, will all come up. These are legitimate points of discussion. But for us in the press – and for society at large – let’s take an honest look in the mirror to see if our hyper-interest might be contributing to this very disturbing phenomenon.

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