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January 7, 2014

The following article is an analysis of Alberta’s BILL 25, the “Children First Act 2013″. I of all people can admit that I’m no law professor or even highly educated, what I am, is a dedicated husband and father of two beautiful children, and I tend not to trust any bureaucratic attempt to legislate away my rights as far as my children are concerned, no matter how noble the intent may appear. This analysis is intended to illustrate how, with a little predictive imagination, a broad and vague piece of legislation can so easily turn into outright abuse when unregulated authority over the public is given to a small group people, corporations, and governments, or as in many instances in this Act, just ONE person.

In May, 2013 the Alberta Department of the Crown Corporation of Canada declared the creation of Alberta’s BILL 25 “CHILDREN FIRST ACT 2013″, announced in the Media just days before it passed its third and final reading in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. This Law passed on the premise of “protecting” our children, and improving “services” for Families, by announcing:

“While parents, guardians, and families have the primary responsibility for their children; ALL individuals, families, communities, and Governments have a SHARED responsibility for the well-being, safety, security, education, and health of children.” (My emphasis added)

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