The Canadian Press
April 28, 2010

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TORONTO — The decision to ban a controversial British MP from Canada was an “exercise in taunting” by senior government officials who disagreed with George Galloway’s views on Afghanistan, lawyers argued during a judicial review Wednesday.

Lawyer Barbara Jackman said the Canadian government falsely and unfairly labelled Galloway a terrorist because it didn’t like his views.

All Galloway did was provide humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, Jackman said, a move that some claimed meant he supported Hamas, which has been deemed a terrorist organization.

“It’s clear Canadian aid was going into Gaza, so it’s all right for our government to do it but not for Mr. Galloway?” she asked.

“If in fact Mr. Galloway is a terrorist because he provided humanitarian aid to the government of Gaza, then our prime minister is as well.”

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