Citing world population at the time of Jesus, the leader of the Green Party in Canada, Elizabeth May, has called for population reduction.

Addressing the purported “crisis” of world over population, the environmental party declares the “world’s population has been growing at an exponential rate. Two thousand years ago, when the historical Jesus of Nazareth was born, he was one of an estimated 200 million people on the planet.”

The ideal world population number cited by the Green Party is more drastic than that proposed by the Georgia Guidestones, which put the preferred number at 500 million. The Guidestones number would require the elimination of nine-tenths of the world population.

In July May declared Western countries must adopt an official two-child policy similar to China’s one-child policy. She backed off on the demand after Canadians protested.

May told Vice News her views on world population and government mandated policies dictating the number of allowable children are not controversial.

“How could any party concerned with global issues and survival not take an interest in population pressures?” she said. “Is global survival an end that is somehow controversial? We need to have a stabilization of global population.”

May is not alone in her belief world population must be drastically reduced. In 2014 the National Academy of Sciences published a report calling for a Chinese-style global one child policy.

The report called for a reduction that would result in a worldwide population of between 1-2 billion people.

“Under one scenario, a global pandemic wipes out 6 billion people from 2041 onwards, resulting in the planet’s population being reduced to 5.1 billion by 2100,” writes Paul Joseph Watson for, citing the report.

“However, this reduction of 2 billion people compared to current figures is not sufficient to accomplish the level of human culling desired by the authors, who note that ‘even future events that rival or plausibly exceed past societal cataclysms cannot guarantee small future population sizes without additional measures, such as fertility control.’”

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