March 16, 2011

Taking precautions has always been about ‘better safe than sorry.’ After all, you cannot protect yourself after it’s too late. With that in mind, why are Canadian media outlets telling British Columbians that there is NO risk from the Japan-to-West Coast jet stream? Why are they discouraging people from even stocking up on Potassium Iodide (KI), which is already becoming difficult to obtain? If there’s even a small chance of harmful radiation blowing over, why would you tell people not to prepare?

Even if the dangers do not appear, this seems shortsighted. After all, if these media outlets are wrong, issuing a retraction later will do no good once people are negatively affected.

Calm down. Japan’s nuclear crisis poses no risk to B.C

Vancouver Sun
March 16, 2011

Can we please stop hyperventilating over the nuclear crisis in Japan?

Yes, it’s a serious problem – for the Japanese and for the nuclear industry.

No, it doesn’t pose an immediate risk to people living on the West Coast, as our own public health officers point out. The accident site is separated from Vancouver by 7,500 kilometres of ocean, about the same distance that separates Toronto from Chernobyl.

Yes, the disaster could get worse -in Japan and particularly for the 12 million people who live in Tokyo, not to mention Chiba or Yokohama. All these people live about as close to the stricken reactor as Vancouver is to Seattle.

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Iodine therapy unnecessary: B.C. officials

CBC News
March 16, 2011

The B.C. provincial government is recommending pharmacies not dispense or stockpile potassium iodide for sale in connection to the nuclear reactor situation in Japan.

“It is recommended that pharmacies do not dispense or stockpile potassium iodide tablets,” provincial health officer Dr. Perry Kendall, said in a statement.

Kendall said there is no basis to the concern about radioactivity, even in a worst-case meltdown scenario in Japan.

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