Anne Hart
Sacramento Nutrition Examiner
December 2, 2010

Why did California regulators approve a pesticide yesterday with a cancer link to be put on produce, including the Sacramento area’s nuts and strawberries? See the December 2, 2010 article, Methyl iodide pesticide gets state approval despite links to cancer, and the article, California approves use of cancer-causing pesticide methyl iodide.

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This state’s $1.6 billion strawberry industry is one of the biggest markets for this carcenogenic chemical, according to the December 2, 2010 Sacramento Bee article from Associated Press, “Pesticide gets state approval.” The pesticide is included on California’s official list of cancer-causing chemicals. Also check out the December 1, 2010 article, State approves controversial pesticide |

Now, you’re going to have to eat it, unless you can afford organic produce. But will the pesticide get into ground water or the air? The reason why that pesticide’s use of vegetables and fruits has been granted knowing there’s a cancer link is because the old pesticide, methyl bromide is depleting the Earth’s protective ozone layer.

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What a choice you have to make between saving the ozone layer or saving your body from possible cancer-causing chemicals. But there’s a third choice. You can buy organic, and probably pay more. Or you can grow your own produce in Sacramento’s urban gardens, your yard, or community plots of land where you can plant organic strawberries.

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