Anemona Hartocollis
New York Times News Service
May 29, 2012

About five years ago, Patricia Workman’s bones started breaking, and she was found to have multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow. At the same time, her skin cancer started to proliferate, leaving her face so scarred that she needed reconstructive surgery.

Workman and others who believe their cancers were caused by toxic substances released by the fall of the World Trade Center are due to learn this week whether they may be treated and compensated from a $4.3 billion fund set aside by Congress.

An advisory committee in March found justification for covering 14 broad categories of cancer, raising expectations that the fund would cover at least some of them. But such a decision would create a logistical quagmire, advocates for patients and government officials conceded, and could strain the fund’s resources.

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