Is the TSA preventing people from exercising their right to say no during national opt out protest?

Paul Joseph Watson
November 20, 2012

A cancer victim concerned about the radiation emitted by airport body scanners was forced to go through the x-ray scanner by a TSA agent despite exercising her right to opt out.

Infowars has received multiple accounts of travelers saying they were told by TSA screeners that they were mandated to go through the body scanners, despite the fact that Americans have a legal right to opt out and be subjected to an “enhanced pat down” instead.

“I was in the New Orleans airport and asked to opt-out. They made me go through the x-ray AND I had to go through a pat-down. I’m sure that is in violation of the TSA policy. I was reduced to tears,” writes Lynn Baker.

“I wish I had the video, but I wanted to pass this along even without. It shouldn’t make any difference, but I have cancer and do not want the scans to trigger the cancer as I am currently in remission,” she adds.

Could the TSA be forcing people to go through the scanners in a desperate effort to curtail this week’s opt out and film protest? During the November 2010 national opt out day protest, reports from travelers at numerous different airports confirmed that the TSA had temporarily mothballed the body scanners in a bid to neutralize the protest, a move which critics later highlighted as proof that the agency was engaged in “security theater”.

Could the TSA be taking a different approach this time around by simply forcing travelers to go through the scanners and pretending their opt out rights don’t exist?

We reported on another case yesterday where a woman traveling through Portland International Airport was also ordered to go through the scanner against her will.

“For the past several years I have had a choice about going through the body scanner and this time I did not. The TSA official pointed to me and said I had to go through the body scanner. I said I chose not to and to go through regular one. He got menacing and hostile and said ‘are you refusing to go through the body scanner?” the woman wrote in an email.

In that case, the woman refused to go through the scanner and was subjected to a highly invasive pat down during which TSA workers groped her genitals, in line with the common theme of people who object to the body scanner being punished by means of sexual molestation.

As part of the national Opt Out and Film week, we are urging all travelers to opt out of the body scanner and film their experience. Please email us your videos and stories.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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