Presidential wanna-be Hillary Clinton toted the Democrat party line on income inequality and race today in response to the Baltimore riots.

“Our goal must be truly inclusive and lasting prosperity that’s measured by how many families get ahead and stay ahead,” Clinton said in a speech billed as the first major policy address of her presidential campaign. “How many children climb out of poverty and stay out of prison. How many young people can go to college without breaking the bank.”

Proposals suggested by Clinton include establishing policies designed to improve relations between black communities and police and reforming sentences for drug possession.

It should be remembered that Hillary’s husband, President Bill Clinton, was responsible for carrying the drug war torch initiated by his predecessors and creating the current situation that has benefited the prison industrial complex and led the way for the establishment of a high-tech surveillence state.

Clinton “cravenly allowed federal, state and local law enforcement to expand all the tools left to him” by Reagan and Bush, Peter Gorman and Bill Weinberg wrote in 2001.

“In the Clinton years, police overreach in the name of the Drug War shredded much of what remained of the Bill of Rights.  And those most frequently caught in its web were not the ‘drug kingpins’ legislators claimed to be going after.  Mothers, fathers, small-time dealers, medical-marijuana users and even children were caught in a criminal- justice system so overgrown no one is immune to the new powers Johnny Law uses to protect us from ourselves.  And while much of the horror heaped on the American public has occurred at the state and local levels, the tenor of the times begins at the top-which places the responsibility squarely at Bill Clinton’s feet,” the authors write.

The drug war emphasis is largely responsible for the current militarization of police and the subsequent us-vs-them attitude of law enforcement.

“The militarization of American policing has occurred as a direct result of federal programs that use equipment transfers and funding to encourage aggressive enforcement of the War on Drugs by state and local police agencies,” notes the ACLU.

In addition to making police officers largely indistinguishable from soldiers and turning the United States prison system into the largest per capita in the world, the war on drugs has shredded the Constitution.

“The government’s drug policies have unequivocally undermined basic civil rights and gutted the constitutional amendments. And it’s not coincidental that much of the eroding civil rights in the ‘war on terror’ came directly from the war on drugs,” writes Clarence Walker.

Clinton did not address the deleterious social and economic effects of the drug war. She did not mention the fact her husband adopted and expanded the drug war, or did she talk about how this fact has imperiled the constitutional rights of all Americans or how it has damaged the economy as states and the federal government continue to waste billions on an ill-fated and misguided effort. In 2014 alone, more than $51 billion was spent on the drug war. In 2012, 1.55 million people were arrested on non-violent drug charges and of those 749,825 people were arrested for marijuana drug violations. Since 1980 25.4 million Americans have been arrested on drug charges and of that number a third are black.

Clinton believes toting the banner issue of the Democrat party — so-called income inequality — will sway the party’s voters and lead her to the White House in 2016. Left unmentioned by the corporate media is the indisputable fact Hillary Clinton is a creature of the 1 percent — in actuality, the 0.01 percent of the mega-wealthy financial and corporate class — and her insincere solutions to the growing social and political problems of America are designed to once again fool voters.

The drug war in effect served as a precursor to the police state we now see going into place not only in America, but around the world. The war on drugs expanded into the war on terror. The government Hillary Clinton represents is now working overtime to turn largely fictional and exaggerated terrorism into a domestic homegrown terror threat. As the federal government’s demonization of veterans and constitutionalists (the latter under the banner of “sovereign citizens”) demonstrates, the ultimate target is the American people.

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