Wealthy guests at the exclusive Hotel du Cap in Antibes during the Cannes Film Festival were terrified when men wearing what looked like suicide vests arrived by boat bearing a black, ISIS-like flag.

The men, clad entirely in black, descended on the posh hotel while a helicopter hovered overhead as diners enjoyed a gourmet lunch on the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean on Friday.

Sources said some guests flew into a panic, fearing a terrorist attack, but were later told it was just a “joke.”

One witness said: “A helicopter and men with suicide vests and a fake ISIS flag pulled up by boat on the water in front of the Hotel du Cap’s Grill restaurant. Diners including [Vanity Fair editor in chief] Graydon Carter and his wife Anna, plus [Alice + Olivia designer] Stacey Bendet were sitting in shock. Hotel security got rid of the men but everyone was stunned.

“Nobody knew if it was a stunt or not. Some people were panic-stricken. But they were later told it was a police training exercise. If so, why was there no warning?”

Another guest said, “People’s reactions were a combination of, ‘It’s a hoax’ and truly alarmed.” A third witness added, “They are now saying it was kids playing a joke but half the restaurant got up and left and all the hotel managers came running down. It was terrifying.”

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