Oct. 3, 2013

Authorities shot and killed a woman Thursday afternoon outside the U.S. Capitol after she attempted to drive her vehicle through a barricade, police tell ABC7.

The incident reportedly began when an unidentified woman tried to drive through a barricade at the White House. She had a child in the back seat of her vehicle. The woman fled the area and ended up at the Capitol, where she reportedly tried to drive through another barricade.

Authorities opened fire on the vehicle, killing the woman, authorities say.

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Capitol on Lockdown, Possible Gun Shots Outside

Matt Berman
National Journal
Oct. 3, 2013

There are reports coming in now that there is possible gunfire outside of the Capitol Buidling in Washington, D.C. The House has just gone into recess.

A captitol police officer confirms that there is a shooting situation. Reporters and people on the capitol have been told to shelter in place.

Here are updates from Congress on Twitter:

One congressman believes the situation may be under control:

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