An SUV plowed through a crowd outside a Spanish beach club popular with British travelers as reports emerge that tourism companies are hiring UK military veterans to patrol Spain’s tourist hot spots amid fears of anticipated jihad attacks.

At least six pedestrians were injured when the driver of an Audi SUV barreled onto the sidewalk at a high rate of speed outside the Ocean Club in Marbella, Spain, during their annual ‘Champagne Party,’ before a police chase that ended in multiple crashes wounding more innocents, including a baby, and the arrest of two men identified simply as “Britons.”

While the incident mirrors that of similar jihadist ‘car attacks’ that have taken place across Europe, authorities have immediately ruled out any connection to terrorism.

According to bystanders, the men in the SUV had been ejected from the club shortly before due to an altercation.

“Witnesses have told police the Audi SQ7 he was driving was driven deliberately at high speed at pedestrians in an area off-limits to cars which runs from a roundabout down to steps overlooking the Mediterranean and the entrance to the Ocean Club,” reports the Daily Express. “Traumatised witnesses said they had thought it was a terror attack at first, with one claiming: ‘We thought someone would get out and start shooting people.’

The attack at the Ocean Club comes only hours after an article published by the Daily Mail revealed measures being taken by tour operators to protect British vacationers in Spain, following intelligence reports that jihadists may seek to replicate the 2015 beach massacre in Sousse, Tunisia, where 38 people, including 30 Brits, were gunned down by an Islamic terrorist.

“More than 100 ex-Special Forces troops were last night being rushed to Spain by tour operators as fears grew of an Islamic State terror attack on British holidaymakers,” reported the Mail. “The elite force will patrol beaches and hotel complexes disguised as tourists in a bid to prevent jihadis killing defenceless sun-seekers.”

“Spain has been singled out as a target by the jihadis, it is wide open to an attack now that security in the UK has been tightened,” said the Mail’s security source. “This is a very secretive mission because tour operators don’t want to spread panic and reduce their business.”

The UK government website on ‘foreign travel advice’ for Brits visiting Spain warns, “Terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks in Spain. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners.”

Twitter users and media outlets recognized that the Ocean Club is popular with British tourists.

Earlier this year, ISIS issued ‘direct threats’ to Spain on social media, according to a government report, and declared in a propaganda video, “‘We will recover our land from the invaders.”

As Infowars has reported upon extensively, the European government-media establishment continues its own jihad on the psyche of its citizens, working to condition them to accept terrorism as the ‘new normal,’ and actively persecuting those who speak out against the insanity of open borders and migrant floods as being the root causes of a deteriorating security environment on the continent.

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