A rental car company’s ad joking about Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner’s transformation into a woman went ill-received by liberals, but the company has thus far not relented to the negative, PC criticism.

The ad, sent in a tweet from the multi-national Sixt Rent a Car company, invites customers to try their new luxury Audi Q5 crossover vehicle, while specifically asking the newly formed Caitlyn Jenner to try it.

Sixt’s tweet also included many popular pro-transgender, Caitlyn Jenner-related hashtags, infuriating Twitter users who demanded the company apologize for their “transphobic” ad, delete the tweet or delete their account altogether.

Others pointed out there was nothing transphobic in the tweet, and that maybe there were more important things to be getting outraged about.

Last month, Infowars pointed out another example of “liberal tolerance” when transgender reporter Zoey Tur threatened to put conservative political pundit Ben Shapiro in the hospital for daring to say that wearing a dress didn’t make Tur a biological female.

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