A New York Times food columnist wants the state to force store owners to card kids before they can buy soft drinks.

Mark Bittman says children should be “sixteen to buy a Coke, because we don’t think that you’re able to make a decision about how much soda you can drink until you’re sixteen. Really it should be twenty, but I’m compromising because it’s such a far-fetched idea. But it’s not a wrong idea, it’s a right idea.”

It seems Mr. Bittman has not thought this one through. How many kids under the age of sixteen have state-issued IDs? Maybe the state should get in the business of issuing IDs to people at birth.

Bittman also says a tax levied on soda “could be spent in countering the consumption of junk food. Part of countering the consumption of junk food would be subsidizing fruits and vegetables and teaching people how to cook them.”

He would like to see tax money spent on “communal kitchens… where good food would be cooked locally and could be purchased as inexpensively as possible because it would be subsidized. I know that this sounds like communism, but so be it.”

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