Dr. Ben Carson was the guest on ABC’s The View on Tuesday but Mrs. Lacena “Candy” Carson was in the audience, and when asked about her grandchildren,  Mrs. Carson said when she looks at them she reminds herself that the national debt is over $18 trillion and will take 5,000 years to pay off — if we pay $10 million every day, 365 days a year — and “we can’t do that to them.”

“But when I see these [babies], it just makes me more determined that whatever I can do, I’m going to do,” said Mrs. Carson. “Because it’s not fair to them.”

During the show, co-host Paula Faris noted that Ben and Candy Carson have been married 40 years but that Candy had said she did not want her husband to run for president until she became a grandmother. (The Carsons have three sons.)

“You are now a grandmother of two,” said Faris. “Why did you not want him to run for president until you became a grandma?”

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