Eric Peters
March 1, 2011

It says on our Fed Funny Money that “this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.” Except for paying tolls on government roads.

In which case, it’s not.

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They won’t take your money. But they will force you to cart around an “easy pass” electronic receiver to pay your toll automatically. A transponder/receiver that identifies your car, notes its passing and sends you the bill (or debits an account). A receiver that also has the capability to track your vehicle as well as monitor its speed. They’re not – yet – using these “easy passes” to do more than collect tolls, but that doesn’t mean they won’t, especially as the financial pressures on state and local governments mount and the search for new revenue sources intensifies.

Bet your bippie that’s coming.

The creepy part is that just like trying to fly without being gate raped, in states that have these systems in place – Florida, for example – there is no opting out. If you want to use the Florida Turnpike you can’t use cash. You must have a transponder. If you don’t have one and run the road, they’re ready for you. The state is rolling out a license plate recognition system that will automatically cuff n’ stuff you – or at least, send you a bill for using the road.

Plus a “processing fee.”

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