A Catholic diocese in Southern California is apparently changing its story about the assistance it has been giving to illegal immigrants, which includes sheltering them and arranging their transportation to other parts of America.

The Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino told Breitbart that the church provides “travel cash” to illegals heading on journeys elsewhere in the country and it also told NBC4 Southern California that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials initially reached out to the church for help.

But in an interview with Infowars, the diocese’s spokesperson John Andrews said that illegal immigrants were traveling “at their expense” and that church officials met with the government because they wanted to know how they could be of assistance, as if they were already willing to help without being asked.

“We did have a meeting with the federal authorities because we wanted to know how we might be of assistance in this crisis and out of that meeting came the idea that we would provide this kind of temporary and very transitional center and that’s how it came to be,” he stated.

And Andrews also said that the feds handed the immigrants over to the diocese and asked them to help with arranging transportation for them to other parts of the country.

“They’re taking Greyhound Buses, at their expense, to those they have come to unite with in the United States,” he stated.

These remarks raise concerns that the diocese is trying to change its narrative about the nature of its aid to illegal immigrants, which is notable considering that Catholic leaders have a long history of supporting full amnesty for illegals.

While speaking pro-amnesty supporters outside City Hall in Murrieta, California this past Wednesday, a Catholic priest from the diocese mentioned that a bishop went to Washington, D.C. to talk to politicians about illegal immigration.

“Setting aside politics, this is a humanitarian issue,” he declared.

But the Catholic leaders dipped into politics last year when they heavily pressured Congress into passing amnesty and in 2012, Pope Benedict XVI asked Catholics to “welcome waves of new immigrants, to provide them with pastoral care and charitable assistance, and to support ways of regularizing their situation.”

Polls showed, however, that around two-thirds of Catholics in the U.S. would prefer current immigration laws to be properly enforced.

In the same vein as the San Bernardino Diocese, various church groups in South Texas were picking up illegal aliens at a bus station in McAllen, Texas and taking them to temporary shelter where the immigrants could sleep and shower before being released onto the streets, according to a South Texas church employee who spoke to Infowars.

“I asked the lady, who spoke to me off-camera, where most of these people were coming from,” Infowars reporter Jakari Jackson said. “She said we have a lot of people coming from Guatemala, but she did correct me [from an earlier report]: none of these children, at least in her care, are coming alone; these children are coming with their mothers.”

The lady also told him that after staying at their shelter, the immigrants go “wherever they want to go.”

The government exerts influence over many church organizations by offering them 501(c)(3) tax exempt status which come with “restrictions on activities” the organizations must observe, which encourages some pastors and priests to toe the line of establishment viewpoints.

In one bizarre example, a church in Ohio encouraged its congregation in 2008 to submit to President-elect Barack Obama because Obama was “God’s minister.”

And in perhaps an even more bizarre example, back in 2006 the Federal Emergency Management Agency was training church leaders to become secret government enforcers who would teach their congregations to “obey the government.”

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