Amateur footage catches mischievous cop lashing out at people

Adan Salazar
April 21, 2014

Parents were outraged when a central Texas police officer was filmed behaving more like a high school student this past weekend after the conclusion of a state soccer match in Georgetown.

When the Vandegrift High School Lady Vipers won the UIL soccer state championship on Saturday, excited fans jumped the barricades and rushed the field to congratulate the team, but some were in for an unexpected surprise.

In amateur cell phone footage captured by a student, a uniformed Georgetown officer can be seen sticking his leg out to trip people as they swarm the game’s victors. After tripping one person, the officer, who has not been named, attempts to trip another.

In the video, first reported on by KXAN, the officer can also be seen shoving a couple of ladies, and one person is witnessed walking off the field with a limp.

Screen capture from Youtube video shows officer failing to trip a high school student.
Screen capture from Youtube video shows officer failing to trip a high school student.

The officer should have exercised greater discretion, says the student who filmed the event.

“He should’ve used better judgement,” 16-year-old Rohan Gupta told KXAN. “We’re high schoolers just trying to have some fun after our team won.”

In a statement yesterday, Georgetown Police Department said its internal affairs unit would investigate the incident, and that further details would be released later today. At the time of publishing, Georgetown Police have not responded to Infowars’ media request.

Given that he was tremendously outnumbered, the officer is lucky his audacious antics and inexcusable behavior didn’t culminate in a revolt, like the scene below witnessed at a Portuguese soccer match.

Watch Alex Jones break down this story on the Alex Jones Show.

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