The unwitting actions of a cop in South Carolina have earned him the Internet’s respect.

A video uploaded by a Facebook user last week showed Bennettsville City Police Officer CJ Mullinax engaged in a game of football with neighborhood kids.

“Cop in Bennettsville, South Carolina Caught on Video!!!!!” exclaimed Lorenzo Adams. “Just driving by and witnessed this,,,, had to video Because of all the other videos out there,, please SHARE so people can know what kind of Cops we have in this town!!!!!”

Officer Mullinax, a former college football player, told news crews it’s all in a day’s work.

“I was just cruising through Fletcher Street. Kids started waving and I was like, ‘Hey, I’ve worked hard enough for today so I’m gonna stop and hang out with the kids for a little while,” the officer told

The cell phone video has over 8.5 million views, and is receiving positive comments and praise from a police brutality-weary public.

“That’s the way the cops are supposed to be… Positive role models in the community, someone kids can look up to not be scared of, helpful to lives not destroying them!!” one woman expressed on Facebook.

The officer’s actions serve as much-needed PR for South Carolina after the unprovoked shooting of a man last month. North Charleston Officer Michael Slager faces murder charges after he was filmed gunning down an unarmed Walter Scott as he attempted to flee.

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