WTSP-TV Tampa 10
February 29, 2008

Tampa, Florida- Former teacher Paul King says he used to be one of those people who said lock ’em up throw away the key.

However King has changed his mind since being arrested on public intoxication last July. A video shows deputies pushed him against a glass wall as he was being frisked, threw him to the ground for no apparent reason, held his neck back more than 2 minutes as he was being put into a restraint chair, put a hood over his face and then appeared to try to hide the action from cameras by moving paperwork to cover his head.

King says it’s something like out of Guantanamo.

King says when he was out of camera view, two deputies took him out of the restraining chair and says they both started kneeing him up against a bench or a wall, as he was pleading please, please, please.

But it didn’t stop there. King says they made him say you’re a f***ing p***y. And he says they were hurting him so he said “ I’m a f***ing p****y and the deputies all laughed.

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