Maybe he wants to be invited to the White House.

A black teenager who accused a city bus driver of racism for demanding his fare was captured in video punching the woman in the face, then fleeing from the bus.

Surveillance footage of the Sept. 15 incident was released Friday.

The clip was captured on a Davenport, Iowa, Citibus camera, and showed the boy following a group of other teens onto the bus. Unlike the others, however, he was unable to produce a student ID, so the driver required him to pay the fare, according to WQAD.

A short time later, a white student was turned away by the driver. Although he had the proper ID, he didn’t have a sticker to go along with it.

She got less than a block before she had a change of heart. As the white student boarded the bus, she said, “You better have a sticker tomorrow or you’ll have to pay.”

This action by the driver prompted the black teen to accuse her of being racist.

“How is that racist ? You have no ID whatsoever,” the driver is heard saying. “He has an ID, he has no sticker. He has an ID.”

“But you still made me pay,” the first passenger says.

After some more back and forth, she tells the teen, says “if you want to get lippy, you can get off the bus.”

When the teen said he would “punch” the driver as he exits the bus, she said, “Really? Fine. Get off my bus now.”

As he exited the bus, he followed through on his threat and struck the driver in the face.

WQAD reported:

The driver was taken to the hospital and was released later that evening, according to the city’s statement.  The driver returned to work two days after the incident.

Extra adult supervision has been added to the bus route since the incident happened, according to a statement from the city; it is being called an “isolated incident.”

The city’s statement also indicated that the teen, who was not named, was charged in juvenile court with assault causing bodily injury, and will be banned from riding Citibus in the future.

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