Canadian broadcaster CBC was accused of sexualizing children after it promoted a new documentary about “drag kids”.

The clip, which was tweeted out by the ‘CBC Kids’ account, shows numerous minors talking about their ‘drag’ alter-egos while one of them, a 12-year-old, performs what some complained were sexually suggestive dance moves.

“What’s it like to be a KID #DRAGQUEEN? @CBCKidsNews spoke with the four stars of CBC’s new #DragKids documentary to find out what #drag is, and why they do it,” stated the tweet.

The backlash was pretty swift.

“The parents of these kids, and the producers of this documentary, should be in prison for child abuse,” commented Mark Dice.

“Wondering when CBC will be debuting a new child beauty pageant series, toddlers in tiaras, maybe? It’s performance art, right? Totally age appropriate and not at all an invitation to exploit or sexualize children,” remarked another Twitter user.

“Nice @CBCkids, real nice. Are we training kids to be strippers and pole dancers now?” asked another.

“Why is the @CBC exploiting children & sexualizing them. Is this solely to push their agenda?” asked another.

As we have previously highlighted, 12-year-old ‘drag queen kid’ Desmond is Amazing has been relentlessly promoted by mainstream networks in America.

His mother recently told an Australian TV show, “I don’t understand what the controversy is” after being asked about Desmond performing at a gay club while patrons threw money at him.

As we reported last week, an admitted pedophile and convicted child porn peddler also wrote an a blog post in which he described 12-year-old Desmond as “hot”.


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