COMMENT: This documentary reportedly deals with leading geo-engineering pointman David Keith, who has advocated atmospheric manipulation including the aerosol spraying of aluminum and other particles at the CFR and AAAS conference, among other locales. The CBC Documentary can be watched at this link. The documentary’s trailer begins with planes spraying aerosol trails. It also refers to using of models of “past natural experiments” in stratospheric aerosols. The doc appears to give damage/spin control advancing the practice on the basis of the phony global warming/climate change rationale…

Playing God with Planet Earth: CBC Doc Aired Thursday November 25, 2010 / November 26, 2010

CBC Documentaries
Posted November 29, 2010

Imagine a time in the not too distant future when scientists try to mimic the effects of a volcanic explosion in a desperate bid to reverse global warming. Consider a climate emergency so severe that engineers create a sulphuric sunscreen, hoping to stop the melting of polar ice, turn back the rising sea and prevent the horrific storms that would send environmental refugees running for their lives.

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“Human ingenuity could temporarily roll back the effects of global warming. At the same time, it could cause catastrophic damage and spark deadly political conflict,” says director Jerry Thompson. “We’ve interviewed some of the world’s leading scientists, engineers, environmentalists, lawyers, and disaster-relief workers about the possible consequences of intentionally manipulating the climate—versus the risk of doing nothing.”

But the one form of “solar radiation management” likely to work fastest in a climate emergency would be to mimic the effects of a huge volcano by spraying clouds of sulphuric acid into the stratosphere. Jet drones or high-altitude balloons could do the job. Quick and cheap compared to breaking our addiction to carbon and retooling the industrial revolution.

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Cheap and easy enough that any country feeling threatened by horrific storms or a rapidly rising sea level could decide to go it alone and launch one of these climate rehabilitation campaigns unilaterally. The problem? They might save themselves but cause unintended consequences for others by reducing rainfall, causing drought and mass starvation. Climate change and geoengineering could even lead to war.

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