Woman cried hysterically after agent made her prove she had cosmetic procedure

Adan Salazar
April 1, 2014

A Florida woman is claiming she was sexually harassed when a Customs and Border Protection agent at the Miami International Airport asked to examine before and after pictures proving she’d been out of the country to undergo cosmetic surgery.

A federal probe has been launched to investigate claims put forth by Korine Teamer, a Jacksonville resident who flew to the Dominican Republic last month to have tummy tuck and liposuction procedures.

Korine Teamer's post-op photos were demanded by a CBP agent. / Image: WTVJ
Korine Teamer’s post-op photos were demanded by a CBP agent. / Image: WTVJ

Teamer had taken graphic photos of herself to analyze the surgeon’s work, and says when she arrived back in the Miami airport to transfer flights, a CBP agent asked to see those photos to prove she had gone out of the country for plastic surgery.

Teamer takes selfies to examine surgery procedure. / Image: WTVJ
Teamer took selfies to examine surgery procedures. / Image: WTVJ

“I took pictures of my butt from the back because I wanted to see what it looked like,” Teamer told NBC Miami. “So I had some pretty graphic pictures on there. And there’s one picture of a cut down there by my vagina, because I was sending it to my doctor.”

Teamer attempted to present the officer with medical records and a receipt for the procedure, however he wanted to see the photos. Embarrassed and traveling in a wheelchair, she produced several nude cell phone photos for the deviant agent to peruse at a fourth gate.

CBP agent wanted to see before and after photos, Teamer claims. / Image: WTVJ
CBP agent wanted to see before and after photos, Teamer claims. / Image: WTVJ

“I was crying hysterically,” Teamer described, adding she told MIA’s customer service representative, “everything that happened.” “She promised me she was going to handle the issue and that he was way out of line.”

CBP officialdom confirmed they would conduct an investigation, and released this statement to NBC 6:

“[Customs and Border Patrol] expects all its officers to conduct their duties in a professional manner and to treat each traveler with dignity and respect.”

Teamer is also considering pursuing legal recourse for the trauma she endured.

The freedom to travel about the United States is already highly restricted.

Department of Homeland Security workers in the form of TSA agents subject travelers on a minute-by-minute basis to radiation-emitting full body scanners and borderline sexual molestation, treating all as guilty until proven innocent and intimidating them to the point that many Americans simply choose not to fly.

The CBP agency, another DHS tentacle, has also long done away with its purported goal of clamping down on illegal immigration, but has left checkpoints to that effect intact which impede American travelers along highways well within US borders, eviscerating the Fourth Amendment.

For those unfortunate enough to have to travel through major transport hubs near international borders, it means one more obstacle hindering the freedom of movement, and having perverted agents fondle body parts and examine naked photos is just the icing on the tyranny cake.

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