Zach Rausnitz
March 15, 2013

Technology procurement at Customs and Border Protection is much less ambitious than it used to be, Mark Borkowski, assistant commissioner for CBP’s Office of Technology Innovation and Acquisition, said here at the Border Security Expo March 13.

“Our strategy going forward is a much more pedestrian strategy. I’m perfectly comfortable getting 80 percent of what I’d like if I can get it quickly, if it’s available today, and if it costs a reasonable amount,” Borkowski said in his keynote address.

CBP learned from the ill-fated SBInet program that it wasn’t ready to develop a complex technology that didn’t already exist, he said. Instead, he said, the agency should’ve sought a product it could buy right away, and going forward it should buy lower-end technology that’s available instead of investing in cutting-edge, risky solutions.

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