CBS is pushing gun control in response to the questionable shooting of an Australian woman by a Somalian migrant cop, despite gun control advocates constantly claiming only cops should carry guns.

Additionally, the mainstream media doesn’t seem too motivated to report on the story given it wasn’t a white cop shooting a Muslim – nor is there much reporting on the possibility the shooting was Sharia-inspired or part of a criminal cover-up.

If the roles were reversed, there’d be 10 times as much coverage.

In a report published Tuesday morning, CBS began blaming “America’s notorious culture of gun violence” in the second sentence of the article, and even quoted an anti-gun academic in the third sentence.

It appears the only way the mainstream media can take advantage of this shooting is to push gun control, despite the inherent contradiction that it was a government-trained cop who shot the lady.

“Only police should have guns,” said countless gun control advocates throughout the years.

The shooting certainly doesn’t fit into the mainstream media’s agenda to whitewash crimes committed by Muslim migrants and to paint all white Westerners as omnipresent oppressors.

And it’s funny how CBS was quick to blame America’s so-called “culture of gun violence” despite later admitting “authorities have released no details on what prompted Saturday’s shooting.”

We don’t even know if the cop, 31-year-old Mohamed Noor, embraced American culture in any capacity. He may have been a stalwart supporter of Sharia Law for all we know.

Minneapolis is a primary destination for Somali Muslims migrating to the US, and there’s been numerous FBI probes into potential terrorist cells in the city.

“The largest Somali diaspora community in the United States lives in Minnesota,” states the Somali Museum of Minnesota. “Elders and parents in Minnesota’s Somali community increasingly worry that children born in the United States lack connection to their Somali heritage.”

Somalia is 99.8% Muslim.

The article highlights the desperation of CBS to someway, somehow politicize the shooting to its advantage, and how stupid the establishment media thinks you are.

They believe you’ll just chomp on the “gun control” bait without investigating other potential reasons for the shooting.



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