A CBS program accused President Trump of attacking mail-in voting “without evidence it will lead to voter fraud,” despite the fact that POTUS recently tweeted a CBS investigative report exposing the risks of mail-in voting.

On Thursday’s broadcast of CBS This Morning, Weijia Jiang told viewers, “The ongoing pandemic is also creating uncertainty about November’s election. The President continued to say that mail-in voting leads to widespread fraud without providing evidence.”

The graphic on the screen during the report read, “President Attacks Mail-In Voting: Argues Without Evidence That It Will Lead to Widespread Fraud.”

Ironically, it was a CBS report that President Trump tweeted on July 29 that exposed the inconsistency of mail-in voting.

The experimental report by CBS Weekend News journalist Tony Dokoupil revealed only 79% of the ballots Dokoupil sent to himself made it to the right address.

After going to the Post Office to follow up on the missing ballots, Dokoupil was able to collect 97 out of 100 ballots, but he explained a three percent failure for mail-in ballots during a national election would be disastrous.

“So of our one hundred ballots, 97 arrived, which sounds pretty good unless you consider the fact that that means three people who tried to vote by mail in our mock election were, in fact, disenfranchised by mail,” he stated. “In a close election, three percent could be pivotal, especially in what’s expected to be a record year for mail-in voting.”

See the investigative report below:

Just yesterday, NBC Nightly News reported on New York’s failed mail-in ballot system that resulted in a six-week wait to determine who won the Democratic congressional primary.

Despite NBC and her own network both acknowledging the potential for failure when massive amounts of mail-in ballots are submitted, CBS and Weijia Jiang are still pushing the narrative that Trump is warning against the practice “without evidence.”

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