Five students within the family circle of the Dallas Ebola patient will not be quarantined despite the fact they may be in the incubation cycle of the deadly disease.

From the Dallas Observer:

They are being kept at home for the 21-day incubation cycle of the virus, but are not being quarantined. While CDC and local health officials are in close interaction with the families, they will be allowed to leave their homes until or if they exhibit symptoms.

The Ebola infection is contagious during the incubation period. This, however, is disputed by the World Health Organization.

Recent studies indicate that in the earlier stages of the Ebola infection, the virus can be present on the surface of the skin of the person who is infected with the virus.

Instead of taking effective measures to prevent the spread of the disease, officialdom in Texas is currently engaged in a public relations campaign:

City and state health officials are also beginning a door-to-door campaign to reassure residents near the schools that, unless Patient Zero puked (sic) on them recently, they should be fine.

On Wednesday Texas Governor Rick Perry said Texas officials are confident the virus is under control in Dallas despite the lack of quarantine.

From TWC News:

The governor said none of the family members have shown symptoms, meaning even if they did have contact with Duncan, they are not contagious themselves.

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