More evidence the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “enhanced screening” at key U.S. airports will not keep the Ebola virus out of the United States.

Late Thursday the CDC posted the following on its Twitter account:

The latest example of CDC ineptitude once again underscores the fact the federal agency is not sincerely interested in preventing the disease from spreading. The only effective method would be to close down flights into the United States from West Africa.

“Because of Ebola’s incubation period, screening at airports is perhaps the least effective measure a state could put in place,” writes Tony Cartalucci.

“Instead, and has been done throughout all of human history to contain contagious disease, nations with widespread infections should be quarantined – and travel bans placed on these nations by governments interested in preventing the spread of Ebola within their borders. Within an infected country, quarantines must be placed on areas where infections are present.”

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