The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that isolating or imposing a travel ban of West Africa would increase distrust of the government.

“Restricting travel or trade to and from a community makes it harder to control in the isolated area, eventually putting the rest of the country at even greater risk,” Dr. Tom Frieden wrote on his CDC blog. “Isolating communities also increases people’s distrust of government, making them less likely to co-operate to help stop the spread of Ebola.”

Frieden believes the strategy of sealing borders or isolating the West African nations where the Ebola outbreak is prevalent would just make the situation worse.

“When countries are isolated, it is harder to get medical supplies and personnel deployed to stop the spread of Ebola. And even when governments restrict travel and trade, people in affected countries still find a way to move and it is even harder to track them systematically,” Frieden wrote.

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