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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Celebrities Pledge Cult-Like Service To Obama Government 200109top

A mind-numbingly cringeworthy and deeply disturbing MySpace video release shows vacuous celebrities pledging their “service” to the incoming Obama government in the form of activities such as not flushing the toilet after taking a piss and selling their “obnoxious” cars.

The video was produced by actress Demi Moore for the MySpace Presidential Pledge project, and features a gaggle of highly annoying actors, singers and other patent phonies such as Sean P. “Diddy” Combs, Courtney Cox Arquette and Ashton Kutcher.

“The Presidential Pledge is a platform for people across the nation and throughout the world to make a first person commitment of service to our new President, articulating a specific intent or action to become an agent of positive change,” said Kutcher.

In the video, Sean P. “Diddy” Combs pledges to “turn the lights off,” presumably to help Obama combat “global warming” as America freezes under record low temperatures, while actor Jason Bateman promises to “flush only after a deuce never a single” and another celebrity states his pledge to “sell my obnoxious car and drive a hybrid”. Red Hot Chili Peppers front man Anthony Kiedis pledges “to be of service to Barack Obama”.

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At the end of the clip, in perhaps the creepiest moment, Moore and Kutcher pledge to “be a servant to our President” as the shot pans out to show all the actors echoing a cult-like mantra, “because together we can, together we are and together we will be the change that we see,” as the shot morphs into the now familiar Marxist motif 1984-style image of Obama.

Several respondents to the video noted that the sentiments expressed were at best misguided and at worst “creepy,” “sick” and “cult-like”.

Forgive my skepticism, but millionaire celebrities vacuously pledging to “plant 500 trees” when the American economy teeters on the brink of a depression that Obama’s stated policies for combating “global warming” will only make worse just doesn’t inspire me at all.

Furthermore, since when were the American people supposed to swear allegiance and pledge “service” to a President? The U.S. Constitution, that piece of paper that Obama will swear to defend and protect later today, states quite clearly that elected representatives are supposed to act in “service” of the people’s best interests, not the other way around.

Of course, the most disturbing aspect to all this cult-like messiah complex and “service” of government is Barack Obama’s intention to take this notion of “service,” which is embraced by many well-meaning but naive people, and turn it against the American middle class in the form of Stasi-like informants spying on those that choose not to sacrifice their freedom and prosperity in the name of saving the planet from the menace of a problem wholly concocted and exploited by the very elite that Obama represents.

Indeed, the woman overseeing Obama’s climate agenda, Carol Browner, is a card-carrying member of Socialist International, an organization that has resolved to use the threat of global warming as a means to facilitate the creation of a system of global government.

How many of Obama’s promised “national civilian security force,” a cadre we are guaranteed will be as strong or stronger than the U.S. Army, will make the “pledge” to spy on their neighbors for enviro-crimes and report them to the local green commissariat?

Perhaps these celebrities should spend less time worrying about when its morally right to flush the toilet and more time asking Obama and Biden about their “pledge” to protect Bush administration war criminals from prosecution.

Perhaps they should concern themselves more with Obama’s “pledge” to do nothing to stop Israel’s incessant and barbarian slaughter of Palestinian men, women and children in Gaza.

That really would be of “service,” but only to the American people, humanity in general, and future generations, and not to the Obama government’s domestic political agenda.

Watch the video clip below.

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