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Prison Planet
Monday, April 14, 2008

One of the central philosophies of climate change alarmism and an image that adorned the cover of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth – the contention that global warming causes deadly hurricanes – has been completely discredited by the expert who first proposed it.

Hurricane buff and professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT Kerry Emanuel asserted for over 20 years that global warming breeds more frequent and stronger storms and he shot to prominence just one month before Hurricane Katrina in 2005 when he delivered the "final proof" that global warming was already causing extreme weather events and wrecking livelihoods.

Emanuel was subsequently acknowledged with a place in Time Magazine’s "100 People Who Shape Our World" list.

Al Gore was so inspired by Emanuel’s research that he devoted the iconic front cover image of his 2006 movie An Inconvenient Truth to his warning, portraying a hurricane emerging from a Co2-belching smokestack.

An inconvenient cover image – Al Gore’s depiction of global warming’s contribution to hurricanes has been completely discredited.  

Unfortunately for the church of environmentalism, who ceaselessly profess to have a monopoly on truth and insist that "the debate is over" on global warming, Emanuel has completely recanted his position and now admits that hurricanes and storms will actually decline over the next 200 years and have little or no correlation with global temperature change whatsoever.

"Emanuel’s newest work, co-authored with two other researchers, simulates hurricane conditions nearly 200 years in the future. The research — the first to mesh global climate models with small-scale high-resolution simulations of individual storms — found that while storm strength rises slightly in some areas, it falls in others — and the total number of worldwide storms actually declines slightly," reports Daily Tech.

"The new work suggests that, even in a dramatically warming world, hurricane frequency and intensity may not substantially rise during the next two centuries," reports The Houston Chronicle.

"The research, appearing in the March issue of Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, is all the more remarkable coming from Emanuel, a highly visible leader in his field and long an ardent proponent of a link between global warming and much stronger hurricanes."

"The models are telling us something quite different from what nature seems to be telling us," said Emanuel, adding, "The results surprised me."

This bears testimony to the fact that we cannot accept the shrill claims of the alarmists that "the debate is over" on global warming, because to do so would hand control of our future over to bumbling, self-serving control freaks who have been proven wrong time after time.

How can we let technocrats impose sweeping control measures based on a "consensus" about the effects of global warming that isn’t necessarily correct? Those that propose drastic responses to a "crisis" that isn’t even fully understood should be treated with extreme suspicion.

The admission that global warming has no effect on extreme weather patterns, in addition to last week’s report confirming there has been no global temperature increase since 1998, spells disaster for the alarmists and current weather patterns are not doing them any favors either.

Shortly after China experienced its coldest winter in 100 years and northeast America was hit by record snow levels, Britain is currently experiencing its coldest April in decades as late-blooming daffodils are pounded with hail and snow on an almost daily basis.

Since forecasters have problems predicting what the weather will be in a few days time, to claim an understanding of climate patterns hundreds of years into the future is not only asinine, it is the height of arrogance and a danger to humanity.

The proposals for combating so-called global warming are so drastic that they will inflict a worse burden on humanity than any claimed minor temperature increase, wrecking economies, increasing starvation and stripping away basic freedoms in the name of rallying to save mother earth from a problem that does not even exist.

For eons, earth has been battered by violent storms and experienced huge temperature swings as a result of natural climate change before man ever set foot on the planet.

Historically, we are currently living in a frigid "Ice House" compared to the "Hot House" endured by our predecessors the dinosaurs, who roamed the earth when the poles were covered by lush forests.

But all this matters little to the demagogues of a giant sprawling cash cow whose continued funding relies on tying everything that happens to man-made global warming and that "evil" life-giving gas, carbon dioxide.

The real environmental issues – GM frankenstein food, deforestation and toxic waste dumping amongst others, will continue to be neglected as we are led on a merry dance by the climate change cultists – but as the hard evidence increasingly belies the hoax that they have foisted upon us, their credibility and influence will continue to wane.

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