The French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, has a cover praising God for sending a hurricane to Texas, and depicting victims of the flooding there as Nazis.

Here is the cover:

The caption “Dieu Existe! Il A Noye Tous Les Neo Nazis Du Texas!” translates as “God Exists! He Drowned All Neo Nazis of Texas!

The magazine previously hit headlines in 2015, after its HQ in Paris was attacked by Islamic extremists following the publication of images depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

The artist who drew the latest cover, Laurent “Riss” Sourisseau, was injured in the attack.

The magazine was also recently criticized for publishing a magazine cover depicting the victims of the Barcelona attack, with a caption ‘Islam, religion of peace’

Americans on Twitter reacted to the latest Hebdo cover with anger:

While not going as far as the French magazine, some leftist publications in the US have been slammed for publishing cartoons negatively depicting victims in Texas:

While the media seems intent on promoting disunity, images out of Texas show the complete opposite to be true.

Some have responded with their own cartoons to put the record straight:

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