Kurt Nimmo
September 11, 2009

On the Alex Jones Show today, Charlie Sheen issued a challenge to discuss the facts of the September 11, 2001, false flag attacks and the requirement for a new investigation with Meghan McCain, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly, all who have attacked Sheen in the wake of his “20 Minutes with the President” open letter to Obama.

John McCain’s oldest daughter appeared on ABC’s daytime talk show, The View, where she criticized Sheen. “Charlie Sheen is the latest celebrity to talk about how he does not believe 9/11,” said McCain. “I quoted Charlie Sheen yesterday about his experience with prostitutes, so really you’re the one I should be listening to about 9/11?… I am not going to take my political advice from Charlie Sheen.”

Please note the audio on this video is extremely low.

As Charlie noted on the Alex Jones Show today, McCain’s ad hominem attack is at best a distraction — the issue is not his personality or what he may have done in the past but rather a new investigation into the attacks in the name of the victim families and the first responders.

San Diego 9/11 activist Mark Dice managed to appear briefly on Rush Limbaugh’s nationally syndicated radio show and mention Sheen’s open letter to the president. Limbaugh responded in standard fashion, dismissing Dice, Sheen, and Obama as kooks. Limbaugh believes Charlie had actually met with Obama and used the content of the open letter to characterize Obama as the “leader” of the 9/11 truth movement, a declaration so outlandish and at odds with the facts as to be completely fantastic – and also revealing that Limbaugh and his staff do not do their homework.

Fox’s Bill O’Reilly spent all of thirty seconds criticizing Sheen and dismissed him as a “pinhead,” a derisive tag he readily affixes to all activists who disagree with the government and the official fairy tale known as the 9/11 whitewash report. O’Reilly insisted Sheen’s comments are offensive to the victim families. In fact, a large number of victim families, first responders, former FBI agents, and more than 60,000 New Yorkers support and demand a new investigation.

Sheen challenged his detractors to appear with him on CNN’s Larry King Show with victim family member Bob McIlvaine and debate the issue next week. He invited his critics to bring whatever “experts” they want to the table, including the hit team at Popular Mechanics (infamous for shoddy “investigative” work into the attacks to supposedly refute the truth movement).

As of this writing, none of his critics have responded to the challenge.


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