Charlotte is bracing for a repeat of the riots that rocked the city back in September after it was announced that the officer involved in the Keith Scott shooting would not face charges.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer Brentley Vinson shot 43-year-old Scott when he refused to drop a gun during an incident on September 20. The shooting prompted two nights of rioting during which National Guard troops were deployed to the city.

After Vinson’s attorney announced that he would not face charges and that Vinson had “acted lawfully” in using deadly force, Charlotte Uprising, a coalition of protest groups, immediately revealed plans to mass outside Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police headquarters at 6:35pm this evening.

“CMPD officers have been put on alert and will work 12-hour shifts beginning Wednesday in case violent demonstrations occur when the decision is made known,” reports the News & Observer.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police’s specialized riot squad unit has already been mobilized.

Building managers are also being urged to prepare for potential violent unrest by chaining down tables and chairs as well as hiring extra security staff.

Meanwhile, some Twitter users responded to the news that Vinson would not face charges by saying they expected riots.

One individual urged rioters to target affluent white areas of the city, tweeting, “If you do riot, #Charlotte, don’t make it entertainment for “them” by tearing up your own side of town. Do it downtown or sub.”

“Riot are gonna happen. This always happens to us only. When Trump white nationalists gets shot, that cop will catch a case then?” tweeted another.

As the video below documents, during the unrest back in September, rioters attacked reporters, threw rocks at cars, looted local stores and beat up white people.


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