Hillary Clinton is underperforming in 20 states Obama won in 2012.

Highlighting the lack of enthusiasm voters have for Hillary, a chart published on the Free Republic reveals that Hillary is losing support in Democratic states despite the numerous mainstream media polls rigged in her favor.

In other words, she’s likely further behind than what this chart indicates:

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 12.49.15 PM

*Virginia and Colorado corrected for apparent typo in original source

Hillary is beating Obama’s 2012 support in only three states: California, Maryland and Colorado.

Even more revealing, Hillary is behind by double digits in Washington, D.C., Hawaii and Rhode Island, all of which are heavily Democratic.

The chart exposes a huge hole in Hillary’s campaign: not only is there a lack of excitement for Hillary, but young voters generally don’t like her.

“Young people, and lot of liberal people, gravitated toward [Bernie Sanders instead of Clinton] because they knew what he stood for and they weren’t clear what Hillary Clinton stood for or what the Clinton-era stood for,” former presidential contender Gary Hart said in an interview, which explains Hillary’s problems. “Young people tend to be idealistic and they want to know what a candidate believes in and Senator Sanders was much more clear about what he believed in than Secretary Clinton.”

But it’s too late for Hillary: she recently criticized Bernie voters as “basement dwellers” and “baristas.”

“Some are new to politics completely,” she said in a leaked recording. “They’re children of the Great Recession, and they are living in their parents’ basement.”

“They feel they got their education and the jobs that are available to them are not at all what they envisioned for themselves, and they don’t see much of a future.”

Earlier this year, a Fox News exit poll showed that 50% of Bernie voters in W.V. would choose Trump over Hillary, and it’s likely Bernie voters would prefer Trump nationwide.

Despite their different ideologies – Sanders a socialist and a Trump a Reaganesque nationalist – both candidates are populists who are viewed as outsiders, unlike the Wall St.-financed Clinton.

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