October 15, 2012

The Alex Jones channel hosted on You Tube is a great platform with over 250,000 subscribers. It is a convenient place to get all of Alex’s videos.

But due to the fact his weekly daytime show runs three hours and the Nightly News show often exceeds an hour or more five days a week, we are finding it increasingly difficult to produce and post videos in HD quality.

In order to find Alex’s HD content and that regularly produced by his reporters and others, we have created a series of channels where this content is now featured.

You can find it on the right sidebar of Alex’s Youtube channel under “Other Patriot Channels.” Subscribe today and see all the dynamic content produced by the Infowars team.

Check out these direct links:






There are also several additional channels featuring Infowars content in SD, so check those out as well.

Alex has created the new channels to not only make it easier than ever to find and watch HD content, but also to expand our presence.

In the past, Youtube has altered Alex’s stats to make his channel appear less popular than it really is and demote his ranking and reduce search engine listings. Creating an array of new channels will allow us to avoid this tactic.

We will continue to use the Youtube platform for its obvious advantages – most notably its reach – and will continue to use the technology offered by the corporate establishment as they attempt to draw in and exploit large audiences.

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