If it was a GOP candidate who apparently was anyone but Donald Trump, the repeated reports would be indicating him to be the single most dominant Republican candidate for President in a generation. Instead, the media and political establishment mouthpieces  even now continue to tell voters Trump might not win the GOP nomination.

That way, if that same nomination is taken from Trump at a brokered convention, the public will have already been prepared to accept it.

Here is a list of facts to share with others to show just how wrong that nomination theft would be.

Did you know no candidate has won more 2016 primary elections than Donald Trump?

Mr. Trump has amassed an impressive 18 primary wins. His closest GOP challenger, Ted Cruz, has won just four. Trump also bests Hillary Clinton who has won 17.

In the total votes category, Trump’s margin is even more impressive. Presently he has accumulated the support of nearly 9 million total votes. Ted Cruz’s vote total is more than 2.5 million LESS than Mr. Trump’s.

That’s a lot of votes.

Trump has won more states than any other candidate be they Republican or Democrat.

Trump has the highest win % of any other candidate.

Trump has won the highest % of delegates vs any other candidate.

What all of these numbers indicate is a candidate who has, despite considerable opposition, proven himself the single most dominant presidential candidate in the race from either political party.

And yet, the political and media establishments would have you believe that not to be so. Don’t fall for their attempt to manipulate reality. Donald Trump is calling for an “America First” presidency, and if the above numbers hold true, it appears America agrees.

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