I’m starting to think Chelsea Handler is half a bubble off plumb. 

As fires rage through southern California, tens of thousands of people have evacuated their homes, 150,000 in the Los Angeles are under evacuation orders, and hundreds of acres of burned. 46,000 people have been affected.

Here’s what on Handler’s mind:

Pardon me? You think Donald Trump is literally setting the world on fire? Most of the world isn’t burning. Most of America isn’t burning. Most of California isn’t even burning. The part that is? Donald Trump did not literally set it on fire. I feel really confident about that, but would be open to any evidence Ms. Handler might have to the contrary. As to figurative fires, I guess that’s open to interpretation. My interpretation is that she might need some help accepting reality, support that might not be readily available in Hollywood.

With so many friends and family in southern California, my heart goes out to everyone affected by the fires. To use them to try to score cheap political points is pretty gross but, when those points are full-on delusional? That’s just sad.

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