April 30, 2012

Reporter: Raphaelle O’Neil

Raphaelle O’Neil reports on 3 important subjects for Alex Jones Infowars Reporter Contest.

Camera, Audio & Video Edit: David K. Jarreau
Conception and street action: Michael DiBari
Research, writing, and witness interview: Rady Ananda

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Also see: Roxy Lopez Show: “Chemtrails, Morgellons and GMOs,” 7 Apr. 

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GMO Connection

Cedar Circle Farm & Education Center

Organic Consumers Association

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VT Right to Know

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The New Orleans Infowarrior Team:
David K. Jarreau An ambulance professional by trade, Dave brings much talent to the team, handling all of the audio, video and production edits. Deeply religious, he gets his news from and supports Ron Paul for US President. He lives in the rural offskirts of Baton Rouge with his wife and two children. Find him on Facebook.

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