Kurt Nimmo
June 25, 2012

In the grand scheme of things, what Cher thinks about Democrats and Republicans is meaningless. Even so, every time she opens her mouth to diss Republicans, she reveals how deep the false right-left paradigm runs.

During a conversation with radio talk show host and “progressive” Randi Rhodes, Cher tells us Democrats believe in inclusion while Republicans are prone to disinclude blacks, Latinos, gays, etc., anybody who is not fifty shades of white. See the video below.

This line of thinking is about sixty years old. Democrats like to drag it out every election cycle and pretend they are for the masses (except the Tea Party).

Of course, both parties love bankers and live off political donations from Goldman Sachs who end up telling them what to do (which ends up being detrimental to everybody regardless of race, creed, color and party affiliation).

Poor Cher. She is clueless. As a card-carrying member of the Hollywood limo crowd, she cannot see the forest for the trees.

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