Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) needs to take responsibility for lying about having Cherokee heritage, according to a Cherokee Nation citizen.

“As a mixed Native woman, I get to relive the stereotypes that Warren perpetuates every day,” Rebecca Nagle told Jesse Watters on Saturday. “People ask me, ‘What part Cherokee are you? Who in your family was Cherokee?”

Nagle, a Democrat, also stressed Warren needs to apologize to the Cherokee about her false statements in the face of mounting evidence proving otherwise before considering a run for the presidency in 2020.

“I’m not ‘part-Cherokee,’ I am Cherokee,” she continued. “I’m a citizen of a federally recognized tribe. [We’re] not fractions of imagined Indians that used to exist. So what I would love to see Elizabeth Warren do is take responsibility for her false claim.”

Watters noted Warren didn’t just make a mistake about her heritage, but systematically misled several institutions and the American people claiming Cherokee ancestry for many years.

“She was applying for jobs at universities and claiming that she was a Native American, and she continued to claim Native American heritage long into her adult life at the time, so it’s not just a little mistake. This is something she did intentionally.”

President Trump has taken jabs at Warren’s lies by referring to her as “Pocahontas” during several rallies and on social media.

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