Kurt Nimmo
May 8, 2012

Most who are capable of discerning the political landscape for what it is realize that if Romney gets elected things will be virtually the same as they are now.

Nothing substantial will change. The wars will continue. The destruction of the economy will continue. The only difference will be a white guy reading the teleprompter instead of a black guy.

Enter Cher.

She believes the world will crumble below her feet if Romney ends up warming a seat in the Oval Office. Miss Cher has sipped the establishment’s false right-left kool-aid for so long she actually believes there is a difference between Obama and Romney.

Here’s what she recently tweeted:

Miss C’s ignorance is truly amazing. No “tea baggers” control Romney. The real Tea Party was sanitized by the establishment long ago and the remaining sheep were herded into a show tent pitched by Goldman Sachs.

On alternate days the same tent is used by the Democrats.

Romney does not hate women or gay people – and even if he did, it wouldn’t matter. Like most of those who came before him, the only thing that really matters to Mitt is becoming president. He is a cigar store Indian propped up to sell snake oil.

Cher and the Hollywood elite will vote for Obama because they are racist. The only thing they care about is a Democrat with black skin in the White House. The rest – the wars, the mass murder, the looting of pensions and the incremental act of brutally imposing serfdom on the little people – comes in a far distant second, if at all.

Cher and the liberals cling to the delusion that Democrats will wave a magic wand and we will all hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

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