Kurt Nimmo
June 10, 2008

  Thanks to the neolib open border policy, eventually I will be “e-verified” by the state. I will be “standardized,” no doubt by way of RFID and microchip.

Somebody needs to ask Michael Chertoff what he’s smoking. “Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff on Monday blamed tightened security on the U.S.-Mexico border for increased violence there, and he said the border probably will not be fully secured until 2011, two years after President Bush leaves office,” reports CNS News. “Chertoff added that quelling the violence will require working with the Mexican government – and millions of dollars from American taxpayers if Congress funds the Merida Initiative. The multi-year proposal would give Mexico $500 million and $50 million to Central America in 2008 to fight the drug cartels – another $450 million and $100 million respectively will be given for fiscal year 2009.”

Sounds like a threat. Of course, the Mérida Initiative will do nothing to stop the drug business because it is a fantastically profitable venture for Wall Street and the governments of Mexico and the United States. More than stopping the drug trade, the Mérida Initiative is an excuse to install a whole lot of expensive control grid technology south of the border, including fancy helicopters and surveillance aircraft. I was shocked, simply shocked to discovered this boondoggle effort — estimated to eventually cost the American taxpayer a whopping $1.4 billion — is backed by the Council on Foreign Relations. The guys at the CFR picked up the idea from the neolib Felipe Calderón. Recall Calderón stealing the election from Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the candidate elected by the Mexican people. Now Calderón wants to soak the American people, but then that’s what neolibs do — soak people to the bone.

But back to Chertoff. “We have to recognize that both countries (U.S. and Mexico) have a common interest in securing the border,” Chertoff told Cybercast News. Back in 2006, the Associated Press put the number of illegals at 12 million, a drastically undersized estimate. It is actually closer to 20 or 30 million. But I guess you’re going to get a pint-sized estimate when you let the Pew Hispanic Center do the count.

Speaking of estimates and fuzzy logic: “Chertoff used several graphics at the press conference to demonstrate that progress, including a prediction of 670 miles of pedestrian and vehicle fencing in place by the end of 2008; the implementation of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which standardizes documentation for increased border security; and the success of the E-Verify program, a voluntary program for employers to check the legal status of their prospective employees. Chertoff said some 70,000 American businesses have signed up for the program.”

Isn’t that wonderful — thanks to the neolib open border policy, eventually I will be “e-verified” by the state. I will be “standardized,” no doubt by way of RFID and microchip. If you think the microchip thing is like something out of Star Trek, think again: the Bilderbergs, according to Jim Tucker’s inside sources at the Virginia confab, are talking seriously about chipping you and me like so much cattle.

“We simply do not have enough workers at both ends of the spectrum,” Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez declared, “from low-skilled field laborers to high-skilled technology workers.”

Translation: American workers want a decent standard of living but transnational corporations, accustomed to paying Chinese slave wages, are unwilling to do this, so the border must be torn down so more low-paid workers can rush in from Mexico, India, and Asia.

It’s a race to the bottom, even if Mr. Gutierrez does not say so.

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