Chicago police officers who watched one of their own shoot a black teenager 16 times filed reports depicting a version of events that contrasted sharply with what was captured on the dashcam footage that has sparked protests and cost the police commissioner his job.

The city released hundreds of pages of documents late Friday pertaining to the October 2014 killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by a white police officer, Jason Van Dyke. He was charged with first-degree murder late last month, only hours before the department released the video under a court order and after keeping it from the public for more than a year.

The video shows McDonald veering away from officers on a four-lane street when Van Dyke opened fire from close range and continued shooting after the teen had crumpled to the ground and was barely moving.

In newly released police reports, however, several officers, including Van Dyke, described McDonald as aggressively approaching officers while armed with a knife.

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