Film makers Andrew Marcus and Jeremy Segal, who bravely ventured into the left-wing “anti-hate” mobs who staged violence at a cancelled Donald Trump rally in Chicago last week, told Sean Hannity that the protesters themselves were engaging in hate and intimidation.

Video shot by the film makers shows Bernie and Hillary supporters arguing that Trump is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler while repeatedly cussing, “fuck Trump”.

When challenged on whether such behavior was “hateful,” one of the “anti-hate” protesters shot back, “no, we don’t hate”.

Another woman suggests that the film makers, because they are white, shouldn’t be allowed to “walk around videotaping women of color,” despite the fact that the entire area is public.

“He’s in there organizing a fascist mob that’s ready to fight,” asserts another individual who is with the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (Revcom).

“I think the premier message is one of hate and intimidation, this was a pre-meditated act of harassment and intimidation to shut down the Trump event but wrapped in the message of stopping the hate,” said Marcus.

Segal made the point that the event was not “some spontaneous uprising against Donald Trump” and that it represented “the institutional left and what this country is up against right now”.

“They’re exercising a veto power over people’s right to freedom to assemble and freedom of speech and that’s a very dangerous place for us to arrive in this country,” added Marcus.

The film makers also interviewed domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, former leader of the Weather Underground, whom they argued was “every bit as radical and unrepentant as he’s ever been”.

Earlier this week it was revealed that some of the radical groups involved in shutting down Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago last week are planning a “mass civil disobedience movement” beginning next month.

Prominent ‘Black Lives Matter’ activist and rapper Tef Poe also warned that black people would incite riots “everywhere we go” if Trump wins the presidency.

Leftist demonstrators are also set to march on the Trump Tower in New York City tomorrow afternoon.

Watch more footage filmed in Chicago by Andrew Marcus and Jeremy Segal below.


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