Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the city is hiring 100 additional police officers after Chicago suffered 37 shootings this past weekend.

The city suffered 10 fatal shootings and at least 27 non-fatal shootings between Friday afternoon and early Monday morning, ABC 7 Chicago reported. The roughly 100 additional officers come as part of a two-year plan to bolster the ranks of Chicago police with 1,000 additional officers, according to a Sunday statement from Emanuel.

Chicago’s plan, announced last year, calls for a net gain of 970 officers by the end of 2018. The plan may be affected by an ongoing lawsuit filed by Chicago against Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Chicago sued the Department of Justice (DOJ) after Sessions announced in July sanctuary cities would not receive law enforcement funding from the DOJ. Chicago expected $3.2 million in grants.

A Chicago judge filed an injunction against the DOJ policy Friday, preventing it from going into effect until the lawsuit is decided.

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